My Honey Is Handi

March 30, 2008 at 4:29 am Leave a comment

And by this I mean Handyman, handicapped, a rollercreep, wheelchair bound, however you want to say it. Questions, you ask. Well, ask away. Where do you start? What can he feel? What can he move? Can he pee? Do we, you know, do it?

Pretty much everything is a pain in the ass for him us to do. Anywhere we go there are a thousand challenges. Decorating is a nightmare. Finding furniture is difficult. Buying a house? That was tough.

Our current challenge is trying to buy a new bed. We have been sleeping in a queen size bed since before we were married, and we wake up during the night yanking at covers, telling one another to move the hell over, and getting generally pissed off at the sleeping arrangements. Here is the deal: I am a shrimp with a bed hogging problem. He is 6’5″ so his feet hang off the bed. That means, we can’t have a bed with a footboard that is at or above the height of the mattress. He can’t feel his feet really, so they could be banging up against the footboard, at a weird angle, or not even fit on the bed if we don’t get just the right bed. He gets spasms sometimes too, which could really injure him if his foot was flopping and thumping against a wood rail. We know what bed we want, but we can’t seem to find it. It also can’t be very high, or he will have a hell of a time getting in and out of the bed from a wheelchair. A platform bed, you ask? Nope. Then when he goes to park his chair next to the bed to transfer over, there is that huge gap between the side of the bedframe and the actual mattress. There is an awesome canopy bed we like at Pottery Barn, but I think$1800 is a lot to spend on a bed frame, plus we still need to buy a mattress set. No, we don’t want a California King. We need that four extra inches of width that a regular king sized bed has.

I took an entire weekend and went bed shopping. Since it takes SO long to get my husband, his wheelchair, and my wiggly 20 month old daughter in and out of the car, it was smarter to leave everyone at home and go by myself. After trying to dodge the salespeople that seem to pop up out of thin air and grin at you, I began to enlist them all to help me. However, they don’t really understand what I was looking for. Everything they tried to show me either sucked due to its cheapness, ugliness, crazyass price, or was the exact opposite of the requirements that I had told them I was needing. What does a girl have to do to find a bed under 2G’s that my husband can sleep in?


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