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Hooray! We finally got our front door replaced!
We had old, narrow, crusty french doors when we moved in. My husband’s wheelchair couldn’t fit through a single french door, and unlocking both doors was hard. If you aren’t familiar, one door has a regular lock and key handle. The other door requires you to pop a latch at the top and bottom of the door. He couldnt reach the top lock on that door. So it was always unlocked; what a great security feature. My two year old daughter could have broken into our house.
So back to the Hooray! part. We now have a single, regular plain old front door (I mean a 6 panel fiberglass storm rated retrofitted opening device) with two lovely little sidelights. That is fancy front door talk for those skinny windows that go on the side of the door. They were pretty damn expensive, but we had to fill in the extra space with something. We even pulled our very own permit through the city – I said “we”, how funny. Please, if I start writing “we” again, just scratch that and put an “I” in it’s place. Thank you. So, I decided on a door (wood? fiberglass? steel?), the glass windows (impact glass? regular glass?), the company to buy it from and who should install it, and called and scheduled the final inspection.Sounds so easy and simple. But the door installer didn’t have our doorhandles and locks. Apparently the seller didnt have the hardware in stock, ordered it too late, forgot to call and tell me this, so we didn’t have a friggin lock on our door. Gwate bwane powah guys. The door was given a temporary lock until the one I bought came in (it did come in the next day, thank god. Who knows how many people had keys to that temporary lock?
I took my well deserved naptime hours and primed the outside of the door and sidelights. Twice. And then I had to clean up and peel off all the friggin painters tape and shower before my daughter woke up from her nap. That night, at about 8pm, I decided it would be a phenomenal time to put the actual paint that matches the rest of our house onto the door. My husband was home from work, and I surrendered child duty to him so I could go outside and retape the handles, get the paint back out, etc. Well, my daughter decides she simply can not be inside while I am outside, having so much fun standing on a ladder and painting. She shoves the door open and barges outside several times before I yell at my husband, “Hey, what the f*#*, can you please retrieve her so I can finish working?”. It wasn’t her fault; the door was taped so I wouldnt paint over the metal parts and didnt really shut securely. My genious husband decided in order to prevent our child from shoving the door open and wandering outside to visit me, he would lock it the door. Smart, really. I should have thought of that. That way he could sit on his ass and read his investment books and not have to entertain the tot. However, locking the door crammed all the tape I placed over the lock into the lock. We couldnt unlock the door after that. Not with a key, not with the deadbolt, nothing. I had to come in, disassemble and pry the locking thingy apart, then peel off the tape and put the lock back together. Oh, and since I was in the house again, why don’t I just take a break for a while and put our daughter to bed too? FANTASTIC IDEA HONEY! Sure I will. Please, don’t get up for me.
Needless to say, I was painting until about midnight and listening to the Obama/Clinton debate from the doorway. All the while giving my husband dirty looks and huge frstrated sighs.The reason I was in such a hurry to finish the door and make it look nice? My husband’s grandparents were driving down from Connecticut (we live in south Florida…) to see family and would be here for a weeks visit.
And now, over a month later, the inside of the front door still stares at me, with its spackle covered nailholes and bare wood and fiberglass, begging me to paint it. Everday I say that I will sand it while my daughter sleeps, and prime and paint it that night after she goes to bed. But I can only get so much accomplished in the two hour break I get from her everyday. Sanding and painting is not what I desire to do then. By nighttime, my feet ache, I am tired as hell, and frankly, I don’t frigging feel like painting the door. So I will continue to stare and be agitated by my front door. Maybe one day I will finish it. Along with several other little things I have started and not finished.

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