Xanax to the Rescue

April 4, 2008 at 8:49 pm Leave a comment

I admit I was unable to get through today with taking a xanax. I had to take one to prevent myself from murdering someone, going on an OCD cleaning spree, and having a hysterical nervous breakdown and anxiety attack. The causes of my mental anguish?
  • My husband needs a new wheelchair. Cost, you ask? Could be $5000
  • New Pool. Cost? Well, once we take down and enlarge our screened enclosure the pool will go in, bust up some concrete, and get a fence and baby barrier, holy shit probably like $40,000 once it is all said and done. And talking to all these pool contractors is like sitting on a giant hemorrhoid. These people are all annoying and one of them even has a mullet. They all suck so who do I choose?
  • Update our crusty 20 year old security system original to the house so no one can break in and murder us or take all of our shit. Cost? Fork over anywhere form $500 to $1000 and then add on some monthly payments of $35-40. Son of a bitch.
  • Deal with our new bed that is awesome but a bit too high for my husband to get into from his wheelchair. Can we saw the legs off to make it shorter?
  • My daughter is making me crazy by acting like bitch all day. Crying, whining, throwing herself on the floor and refusing to wear a diaper or her clothes. All while the ADT security guy is trying to tell me what we need, how much it costs, you get the idea. Thank god she is asleep for now.
  • I am always anxious and I am approaching a mental breakdown due: to all these events, daily life stress, and NO I am not on my period in case you were wondering.
  • I STILL need to paint the front door and trim (but first I have to sand it, prime it, and then clean up the the mess from this). The hallway is still staring at me waiting to paint, too.
  • The gardens need some major weeding and the grass is becoming over run with weeds in areas, which is buggin the hell out of me.
  • I need to make or find some curtains (that fit and aren’t ugly) for our sidelights so people can’t peek through and see us streaking through the house at night. Or in case either the Mormons or out of work yard maintenance people come and try to waste my time and I don’t want them to know we are home. Because then they catch your eye, smile and keep ringing the door bell until you flick them off.
  • Hire an electrician to hang our 2 chandeliers over our dining and kitchen tables. They are trying to charge us twice as much as we paid for the damn lights. Bastards. But first…
  • Can we get the right chandelier here, people? Pottery Barn has sent us the wrong fixture TWICE and I am still waiting for the third (and probably wrong one again) to get here.

Yes thank you to all the optimists that will probably think, gee, no one is dying? You aren’t homeless? You have food to eat? Then what are you complaining about?

Well, screw you. Enjoy your smiley little day.


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