I’ve Got the Itchys

April 13, 2008 at 6:56 pm Leave a comment

It’s allergy season! Hooray! I am so itchy and scratchy I am going crazy. My nose, my eyes, my skin…

I can’t take the scratching, which is making my skin raw. So I take Benadryl, the only thing that really helps (and doesn’t cost $30 for ten). But one of the side effects of Benadryl is sleepiness. After two cups of coffee I fell asleep on the couch about noon. I woke up once with my daughter gauging my eyes out while putting her sunglasses on my face (which were very cute, and less than $3).

I woke up another time to her Awful (did you note the capital A in awful) rubber ducky singing in my ear. If there is anyone you don’t like very much, that is the gift to give their kids. She got them as a gift; I think they were purchased at Linens and Things. These ducks are LOUD loud loud. they sing if you put them in the bathtub; there are sensors on the bottom of them. You can also make the ducks sing if you cover the sensors with your fingers, which my daughter has figured out. I tried to tape their little ducky mouths shut by placing tape over the part sound comes out of. It does work, try it on any toy. But beware, your kids will peel it off once they discover what you did.

In my attempt to ward off housework, I came across this little gem, a steam powered floor cleaner. I wonder if it works. Maybe it will be my Mother’s Day gift this year. Last year I bought myself a vacuum broom which works great, especially at sweeping up lots of man hair off the bathroom floor.



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