To Do It or Not To Do It. That is the Question.

April 26, 2008 at 7:42 pm Leave a comment

How do you deal with a toddler when you have a  baby on your boob?  On top of having almost ZERO hours of sleep?  How do you get up and fix food for someone else and care so much about them when you feel terrible and are pregnant and all you want to do is sleep and throw up?

These are the questions I ask myself.  I have an almost two year old.  She is very good, but she is almost two.  Do I start to try soon ( I got pregnant the very first try with my first one)?  Do I wait?  I don’t want my daughter to grow up without a sibling.  However, how is it possible to fully care for two children at the same time?  I could barely function with one baby.  I look forward to nap time like no one’s business.

Our family all lives far away.  We have very few people we even trust around here, to help out or babysit.  My husband is not terribly willing to do this again.  He has his original wife (not the tired cranky postpartum witch he was stuck with for a while) back again, and knows he is not as helpful as required (wheelchair, owns his own business, need I go on?)  I know that I don’t want my kids too far apart either, and we will be pushing three years soon.  I would like to get on with my life eventually.  Should I wait?  Go for it (I hate to say get it over with, but that is what we are honestly looking at)?  We are pretty sure two kids will be plenty, and I want to be done by thirty (I am 27).  Suggestions or comments please!  Your own experience, thoughts, and words of wisdom are needed.  Thank you!


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