Green is for the Grass

April 29, 2008 at 1:36 am Leave a comment

This “trying to be greener” crap is a pain in the butt. Yes, I know it is imperative for the health of our planet and the welfare of our children and blah blah blah. But old habits die hard.

I went to Publix and bought ice cream and immediately went “damn!” as the bagger boy loaded it into a plastic bag. I need to get some of those eco friendly-I-don’t-shave-my-legs canvas totes for groceries. I am constantly running around the house flicking off lights and TV’s my husband leaves on in his trail. I have the toaster, coffee pot and computer printer unplugged when not in use. I am gradually replacing my cleaning products with greener stuff as I run out (and recycling the empty bottles). I wash clothes in cold water, don’t use bleach, and turned the thermostat up two degrees. We use our ceiling fans, have energy star kitchen appliances, and don’t drink bottled water. We recycle. Even the mail, and everything I possibly can. My goals this year are to start a compost bin, carry groceries in cloth bags, and replace the light bulbs with the cool green ones (C something maybe F and then a C? I don’t know the letters!).

Since part of the whole reduce- reuse- recycle thing is to reduce, I see no point in purchasing light bulbs and replacing the ones that work until the ones we have are all gone. That would be a waste of money and resources if you ask me. I will not be replacing all my current flooring to meet greener expectations either. I will use it, since it is already here. Better on my floor and in use than in a landfill, right? I think you should go green when you make new choices or get replacements. But don’t throw money away and replace what already works.

I am on the lookout for healthy home cleaning products, whether homemade (vinegar/water counter spray) or commercial. Remember, I am a bacteria freak, so they must really work. And I am cheap (no thank you to the $20 bottles of stuff please). I will share whatever I find!


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