Waiting For Something to Happen…

May 15, 2008 at 8:16 pm Leave a comment

I am making my own cleaning products (hello vinegar and water. And baking soda), or buying some of the Method products. I love the Seventh Generation lavender and mint dishsoap, and IT WORKS too. I especially like the eucalyptus/mint shower cleaner. I also recycling everything I possible can, reducing waste, and going grocery shopping with reusable bags. I try to buy organic dairy and chicken, along with whatever else isn’t ridiculously expensive (that really narrows it down!). I use shampoo/soap for my daughter that is “all natural” and chemical free.

Although some of the CFC free light bulbs are funky looking, emit a high pitched obnoxious noise when turned on, and are more expensive, I am using them. As my bulbs go out, I replace them with the new greenorama bulbs.

I walk around the house unplugging or turning things off ALL DAY and night. Our electric bill isn’t much different, but whatever. I am DOING MY PART.

So now I am waiting for a BANG BOOM POW or something to tell me that I am doing a good job, that I am doing things right, or that this is actually working.

See? Going Green Makes Me Happy!

maya and great grandpa


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