Climbing Mt. Crib

June 9, 2008 at 6:31 pm Leave a comment

I was exhausted all morning, and looked forward to Maya’s nap with more excitement than you could ever imagine.

I read her stories, brushed her teeth, turned her music on, and let her get into her crib (she REFUSES to let me lift her in, she makes me lower the rail and let her climb in). I kissed her and raised the rail. I shut the door behind me, and took my pre-nap trip to the bathroom. I flushed, and as I walked through the kitchen heard “Maya, yeah, yup, yes, Maya do it”. The voice seemed very close. Almost like it was coming from THE HALLWAY. I said, “Where’s Maya? Maya?”

And a tiny person peeked out from around the corner and grinned at me. Which meant she climbed out, and didn’t fall (I don’t think, since there was no BOOM or BANG or THUD or crying). Then opened the door, and wandered around looking for me. Damn.


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